Friday, September 4, 2009


My son has recently gotten into watching movies. In fact if I watch 101 Dalmatians one more time I might vomit. So this morning our conversation went as follows;
Me: Jack do you want to go outside?

Him: Ou-side , no want to watch doggies

Me: Oh no it's nice outside let's go check the plums, ride your tractor, make a sandcastle

In my head I am thinking oh no he is watching to much TV. So I wrangle him up, wrestle clothes on him and out we went. To my dismay this is what we saw

NO PLUMS!!!!!!!!! Not even evidence that they even existed, not even on the ground. My husband was right (don't tell him I said that). Those damn raccoons ate them all.

I should have let my husband shoot them. Well at least I was able to unglue my son from the living room and enjoy the last days of nice weather.

He did play on his tractor

I will get over my plums, I just pray that next year we get more. I have now found 3 plum recipes that will get tucked away till next summer.

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  1. OH BRE that SUCKS!!! Yes about the plums, but even more about your husband being right! LOL~