Wednesday, January 27, 2010

vacation day before vacation

I was called off today. Just what I needed a day to myself, and what to my surprise was dangling from my mailbox but the books that I ordered from Joann's. Finally time to relax and enjoy my new hooks and books. I finally got to use the yarn I have been dying to knit into a cowl for myself. I would have glorious pictures but my computer is not cooperating with downloading at this moment.

It was a vacation day before our first family vacation. My husband and I have never been on a trip together. He has never flown, and I have only flown once a long time ago. It should be an adventure with a toddler, but hopefully we will come away with lots of great memories.

So relaxation day will sadly come to an end because I have lots of packing to do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

more gifts to work

Thanks to the lovely twins, my crocheting obsession is blooming. For Christmas I got a generous gift of a bag full of yarn skeins. I have found crocheting to be rather calming, and it keeps my mind busy.

The hat is my first completed crochet project. I used scrap yarn in white which I would never wear. I never thought I would be able to actually make it! So the next hat will be in yarn that I actually like.

The cowl however is in a green alpaca yarn! I love it! It can be worn as a hood or a scarf style as demonstrated in my terrible self photos.

The green doesn't really match my coats, looks like I will have to give this one away and start a new one!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

christmas gifts to use

After recently been through an emotionally trying time, I thought instead of wallowing all day, I would get busy. Busy minds don't have time to dwell. I decided to put some of my lovely Christmas gifts to work.

My countertop mixer. I have always wanted one, but not an expensive one. I don't do enough baking to justify a 400$ piece of equipment.

I decided to make some cookies. My husband likes it when I cook because he is convinced that I touch my butt. Well here is proof. My husband took the picture.

I do love my new mixer, it allows me to have the freedom to just throw all the ingredients in the bowl. The end outcome was successful.