Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sewing vibes

I have been feeling some good creative sewing vibes lately. Feeling like purses are overwhelming me and I have not been wanting to sew because all I am making is purses. I am limited as to what to sew because I have no patterns and limited cloth selections.

I was looking through a garbage bag of cloth that my husbands grandmother gave me, and found an adorable pattern that would make a lovely gardening apron. So I tried my first pattern making with my husbands old art sketch pads.

After finding coordinating cloth and ribbon I was on my way. Measuring to my body, even though it's not for me.

After the finished product I was upset. The ribbon for the waste ended up wrapping around my lower ass. How could I have measured that wrong. Frustrated I put it aside and started a different project. Taking my mind away for a few minutes I decided to try it on again. All that hard work couldn't be for nothing.

As I was tying the band up around my waist I had an idea. Make a fold and voila pockets.

Some extra ribbon and here you have it, A gardening apron for my mother in-law. It has accidental pockets where the buttons are.

Project for the weekend will be attempt #2 at pajama pants for the boy.