Friday, September 3, 2010

Seriously Summer Slumped

So the last time I blogged was in June. I was complaining about my month slump, which in turn has stretched into a summer slump. It is not like I have been doing nothing, we have actually been very busy this summer. Between camping, softball, traveling to NH and house repairs, we really have had no down time. What little downtime I have had, I have been busy creating a human in my uterus. That's right we are having number 2. I have completed the first trimester and have some returned energy. I have an overload of fall ideas to cook and create. I am hoping that I will no longer go through these terrible slumps, and neglect my blog. I guess only time will tell.

This picture was taken on Jack's 3rd birthday. A wonderful moment of rest captured by my MIL.