Tuesday, September 22, 2009

baby hats

I had hopes of making my son some more pajama pants but I really had no cloth that was soft and cozy enough. I decided to spend some time researching new ideas for Christmas gifts. I found a tutorial on making baby hats from old t-shirts. How perfect since I just cleaned out my closet in preparation for the new carpet.
My friends just had a baby and had no luck in the hospital with the knitted hats they make. They were too small for the baby's head. I whipped these two hats up in literally 10 minutes. I think the moose at the bottom of the hats is adorable. What an awesome idea. You have to love the Internet for giving me patterns and tutorials. Next project will be making a bag for my godmother. She is impossible to buy for and will probably be in shock when she finds out that I sew now. She has always made me homemade knitted treasures. She loves birds so I found the prettiest cloth for her bag.


  1. Hey are SOOOOO cute! I love them! Have fun shocking your godmother Bre

  2. OK bre, i think we are going to have to hire you for Adirondack Mama's!

    Those are adorable.

    PS. I love your new Blog design,