Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Surprise

I just recently read the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. Since college I have had a very difficult time finishing books. I have started numerous books but have never finished any. I could not put this book down. It makes my son mad, but hey I figure he will only see that mommy wants to read it must be something fun.

He will sit and read his books while I read mine but it lasts only moments.

My husband was not all that impressed by my new literary kick. Noticing that I was not paying attention to him in bed. He did comment that he was glad I was taking an interest in something an old/new hobby. I sometimes have difficulties with jealousy and my husbands hobbies. He plays in a softball league, a hockey league and fantasy hockey/baseball/football leagues. He gets a night away hanging out with the boys. I rarely have a night I get to go out of the house due to the fact there is nothing to do. I have over the years of our marriage made my own hobbies, cooking creative meals, sewing different things. Things to make me feel sane I guess.

My husband told me this morning as he snuffed about the house this morning before work, that he had a surprise for me. It is very hard for my husband to surprise me with anything because I am to perceptive. He would not give me details but I annoyed him with texts all day to butter him up for hints. He knows I can't stand not knowing what is going to happen this evening when he returns from work.

I was in utter shock when he walked in the door with a gift. Wrapped in pretty pink rose wrapping paper. Our 4 year wedding anniversary is this Thursday, I figured that we would just go out to dinner our usual. I opened the gift and there was another wrapped gift. This gift was unusually heavy. I was very confused. I tore open the next package and there is was.

There in hardcover beauty. He knew that I was close to finishing my mothers copy of the first one and I was going to borrow the next. He was going to save it until our anniversary but didn't want me to have to wait. He also added to the surprise time. Free time to read or sew. He took my son to his cousins house for dinner. I got hours to read and didn't have to make dinner. By far the best anniversary gift. An Early surprise.

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  1. WOW!!!! I am impressed! I am dying to listen to the 2nd volume, I love books on tape and was sad when the first one was finished.

    Happy Anniversary.