Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aunt Reets Bag

Well I have finished one Christmas present already. I know it's only October, but my aunt Rita is usually one of the last people that I purchase a gift for. Wracking my brain to come up with something that she doesn't have or actually needs. Well this year my mother said why don't you make her a bag. She would love that, something to carry her papers and books to and from museum meetings (she is a curator for the Lyon Mt museum).

She is my godmother her husband, my godfather Uncle Pete died when I was in college. They never had any kids, so her godchildren are like her little family. We have always exchange gifts, and she always gets me good ones. For my birthday this year she got me two framed scenic photos that are absolutely beautiful. I don't always get to see her that often so hopefully this bag will remind her that I am thinking of her.

She is a bird lover hence the pine trees with cardinals. I did my first applique and applied the R to the front pocket. It is also my first successful pocket. There is the pocket on the front and a double pocket on the inside. It feels like I am on the ball for this years holiday gift giving season.

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