Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aunt Reets Bag

Well I have finished one Christmas present already. I know it's only October, but my aunt Rita is usually one of the last people that I purchase a gift for. Wracking my brain to come up with something that she doesn't have or actually needs. Well this year my mother said why don't you make her a bag. She would love that, something to carry her papers and books to and from museum meetings (she is a curator for the Lyon Mt museum).

She is my godmother her husband, my godfather Uncle Pete died when I was in college. They never had any kids, so her godchildren are like her little family. We have always exchange gifts, and she always gets me good ones. For my birthday this year she got me two framed scenic photos that are absolutely beautiful. I don't always get to see her that often so hopefully this bag will remind her that I am thinking of her.

She is a bird lover hence the pine trees with cardinals. I did my first applique and applied the R to the front pocket. It is also my first successful pocket. There is the pocket on the front and a double pocket on the inside. It feels like I am on the ball for this years holiday gift giving season.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I know the muffin man

My son and I are going through outside withdrawal. The rain has kept us inside all week. Yesterday I was going nuts with my son. He needed constant attention and the normal activities were not keeping his interest. Today I decided I wanted to try a new recipe in the book I just got.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Maple butter.

My son helped me stirring while I added all the ingredients. He ran out of steam but was more than happy to do the dishes.

It kept us busy on a rainy fall day. My co-workers should enjoy them tomorrow.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Surprise

I just recently read the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. Since college I have had a very difficult time finishing books. I have started numerous books but have never finished any. I could not put this book down. It makes my son mad, but hey I figure he will only see that mommy wants to read it must be something fun.

He will sit and read his books while I read mine but it lasts only moments.

My husband was not all that impressed by my new literary kick. Noticing that I was not paying attention to him in bed. He did comment that he was glad I was taking an interest in something an old/new hobby. I sometimes have difficulties with jealousy and my husbands hobbies. He plays in a softball league, a hockey league and fantasy hockey/baseball/football leagues. He gets a night away hanging out with the boys. I rarely have a night I get to go out of the house due to the fact there is nothing to do. I have over the years of our marriage made my own hobbies, cooking creative meals, sewing different things. Things to make me feel sane I guess.

My husband told me this morning as he snuffed about the house this morning before work, that he had a surprise for me. It is very hard for my husband to surprise me with anything because I am to perceptive. He would not give me details but I annoyed him with texts all day to butter him up for hints. He knows I can't stand not knowing what is going to happen this evening when he returns from work.

I was in utter shock when he walked in the door with a gift. Wrapped in pretty pink rose wrapping paper. Our 4 year wedding anniversary is this Thursday, I figured that we would just go out to dinner our usual. I opened the gift and there was another wrapped gift. This gift was unusually heavy. I was very confused. I tore open the next package and there is was.

There in hardcover beauty. He knew that I was close to finishing my mothers copy of the first one and I was going to borrow the next. He was going to save it until our anniversary but didn't want me to have to wait. He also added to the surprise time. Free time to read or sew. He took my son to his cousins house for dinner. I got hours to read and didn't have to make dinner. By far the best anniversary gift. An Early surprise.


When I first started blogging I was not sure that I was going to stick with it. I was thinking what in my life is that interesting to share. But slowly, as I read back through my old posts I am finding more and more things to blog about. Maybe some of my newest hobbies were started because I needed something to blog about. I started this blog last spring, as I am reading through I have realized that some of the things that I have created have benefitted my well being.
I have enjoyed blogging more than I ever thought I would. I am excited to find more inspiration and share some more of my creations whether cooking, sewing or crafting.

so thank you blog

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

baby hats

I had hopes of making my son some more pajama pants but I really had no cloth that was soft and cozy enough. I decided to spend some time researching new ideas for Christmas gifts. I found a tutorial on making baby hats from old t-shirts. How perfect since I just cleaned out my closet in preparation for the new carpet.
My friends just had a baby and had no luck in the hospital with the knitted hats they make. They were too small for the baby's head. I whipped these two hats up in literally 10 minutes. I think the moose at the bottom of the hats is adorable. What an awesome idea. You have to love the Internet for giving me patterns and tutorials. Next project will be making a bag for my godmother. She is impossible to buy for and will probably be in shock when she finds out that I sew now. She has always made me homemade knitted treasures. She loves birds so I found the prettiest cloth for her bag.

Winter bag

One of my customers, well really my only customer had a request for a winter patchwork bag. I had the cloth for a while and slowly worked on it. The colors are christmasy but I add light blue for the lining and handles to have more of a winter feel. I fell in love with it and I hope she does as well. She must love them considering I have now made her the summer, fall and winter editions of the bag.

southern comfort food

I was feeling the fall cooking bug and decided it was time to try my hand a pulled pork. It is one of my husbands favorite meals. I found an easy crockpot recipe. I put the 3lb pork roast in the slow cooker with salt pepper and water. After 9 hours of smelling delicious pig cooking it was ready for shredding and seasoning. I had gotten the idea from the food network to add coleslaw to the top of my pulled pork sandwich. It was so easy and so yummy! Tonight I am trying a beef roast with carrots onions and potatoes. Perfect for a rainy day inside.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sewing vibes

I have been feeling some good creative sewing vibes lately. Feeling like purses are overwhelming me and I have not been wanting to sew because all I am making is purses. I am limited as to what to sew because I have no patterns and limited cloth selections.

I was looking through a garbage bag of cloth that my husbands grandmother gave me, and found an adorable pattern that would make a lovely gardening apron. So I tried my first pattern making with my husbands old art sketch pads.

After finding coordinating cloth and ribbon I was on my way. Measuring to my body, even though it's not for me.

After the finished product I was upset. The ribbon for the waste ended up wrapping around my lower ass. How could I have measured that wrong. Frustrated I put it aside and started a different project. Taking my mind away for a few minutes I decided to try it on again. All that hard work couldn't be for nothing.

As I was tying the band up around my waist I had an idea. Make a fold and voila pockets.

Some extra ribbon and here you have it, A gardening apron for my mother in-law. It has accidental pockets where the buttons are.

Project for the weekend will be attempt #2 at pajama pants for the boy.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

who would?

On Saturday while I was at work my husband calls me all shook up. He witnessed someone stealing our sons coupe out of our driveway. He made it out the front door in time to catch the plate# and look the woman in the eyes.

How crazy and unbelievable is that.

I could not even grasp that someone would do such a thing in Tupper.

After statements and being up late Sat. night when I had to work 12 hours on Sunday.
The police called and they found the car. I don't know if they ticketed the lady or what the deal is but I don't really care as long as I didn't have to explain to my son that his car is gone. He has been at my mothers all weekend. We are still waiting for the police to drop it off.

After a strange weekend I am glad all turned out well.

Friday, September 4, 2009


My son has recently gotten into watching movies. In fact if I watch 101 Dalmatians one more time I might vomit. So this morning our conversation went as follows;
Me: Jack do you want to go outside?

Him: Ou-side , no want to watch doggies

Me: Oh no it's nice outside let's go check the plums, ride your tractor, make a sandcastle

In my head I am thinking oh no he is watching to much TV. So I wrangle him up, wrestle clothes on him and out we went. To my dismay this is what we saw

NO PLUMS!!!!!!!!! Not even evidence that they even existed, not even on the ground. My husband was right (don't tell him I said that). Those damn raccoons ate them all.

I should have let my husband shoot them. Well at least I was able to unglue my son from the living room and enjoy the last days of nice weather.

He did play on his tractor

I will get over my plums, I just pray that next year we get more. I have now found 3 plum recipes that will get tucked away till next summer.