Thursday, October 29, 2009

baking and sewing

So this is the second pie I have ever made. It is apple pie for my father in law, his favorite. He just got diagnosed with myelofibrosis a rare blood disorder. Things look okay for now, but I decided that he may need a little TLC. I often feel he has been a good man his whole life and has been shit on time and time again. If only apple pie was the cure for blood disorders.

I was at the salon dropping a bag off for display when one of the girls asked me if I knew how to cover pillows. I immediately was thinking in my head can't be that hard. Sure I do and I will. They gave me the cloth and some pillows and to the basement I went. The salon needs them for their new pedicure bench. I got to work and added a little flair. I have a few more to go but I was pleased with the ones I did.

It seems most of my blogs are sewing and baking. Tis the season I guess.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The new carpet is in and we are loving it. For some reason the room looks bigger. Maybe because there is no clutter. Everything is back in order.

I spent the past weekend home with my son while my husband was at camp. My son likes to help in the kitchen so we made my easy garlic pull apart bread.

Heat oven to 350 degrees

In a small dish melt one stick of butter and whisk in one egg and sprinkle in some garlic powder. Take one loaf of thawed pre-made bread dough break into balls and dip in butter/egg mixture and place into a greased 9 inch baking dish. Let the broken dish of bread balls covered in mixture rise slightly. Bake 20-25 minutes till golden brown.

Jack enjoyed breaking the dough into balls. Much like his playdough. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

new bags

With operation basement complete, my thoughts of sewing while my son is playing is sort of working out. Even though he has multiple toys to play with he still insists on playing with my button jars and cloth. I have been able to slowly work on my new bag design.

With bags not selling well I discussed with the girls at the salon what they felt customers where saying about the bags. There have been requests for bigger bags longer handles, basically a tote, and lower prices.

This has similar dimensions to the typical large ll bean type tote. I am able to make it cheaper because of no handles. I will see how they sell.

I also have been practicing my applique. This bag is a gift for my husbands grandmother who loves horses. She used to have her own but due to the work involved and her age she had to get rid of him. So this is the Stormy Bag.

For I little fall fun I also worked on this pumpkin. The cloth was a dollar at the store in town, so I couldn't resist.

So easy and fun, Jack thinks it's a ball.
I hope to get more bags made with the basement project complete. Hope to have new bedroom carpet pictures soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

operation basement makeover

I have been feeling rather cabin feverish and it is only October. Mostly because going outside poops my 2 year old out, and when we are stuck inside he gets bored. When he is bored he gets whiny. You get the idea.

I have a rather large basement filled with stuff. It is mostly rejected furniture that my husband and I have collected or that the people we bought the house from left here. I am reorganizing, decluttering, and wishing I had an enormous dumpster out back. I have no where to put this junk. I am not even sure where to donate it, there is some decent furniture that we have. I literally have 5 empty dressers in my basement. EMPTY!

I have now decided to put all this said junk into one of the vacant bedrooms no one sleeps there why am I keeping these deserted guestrooms neat and cluttering the living area with random piles of giveaways. If I ever have guests that stay I will keep one guestroom tidy.

I have decided that this weekend is our work bee weekend. My MIL wants to take our son for the weekend. I am taking the outdoor toys and bringing them into Jacks new play space in the basement. So when we are sick of playing upstairs there is a whole load of fun in the basement. Plus half of the room is my sewing space. So my hopes of my son jumping in his bouncy house and sliding down his slide while I am creating new things may come true. It is just going to take some work.