Thursday, November 12, 2009

great hopes

At the right is my first attempt at a knitting/crocheting needle wrap. I made it for myself since it is not up to par for a gift. I recently purchased the two books as well, thinking that if I had some knitting books I would instantly become the best knitter. I am not very good but practicing I think is key. We will have to wait and see if future blogs will contain my knitted creations.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Festivities

We decided to attempt the pumpkin carving with our son. Everything was going well he enjoyed playing with the seeds and pumpkin innards. He even picked out a cute mickey mouse that my artist husband was going to carve on his pumpkin. I in the mean time was busy carving away on mine. I was finishing up and getting the candle ready. For the showing of my masterpiece.

Showing my son he let out a god awful scream. "Turn it off mommy, put it outside" he said between teary gasps. So needless to say we did not carve his pumpkin. My husband the artist did however finish his. It is a masterpiece.

So pumpkin carving not our best family activity at this stage of the game. Next year will probably be a different story. My son did however look adorable in his LumberJack costume, complete with chainsaw.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Halloween!