Sunday, June 28, 2009

wonderful sunday!

Had a wonderful Sunday! First of all I got called off from work, then to find out my husband and son would not be home all day! I brewed the coffee and by 8:30 the house was mine. I have worked on some newer sewing projects. Some embellishing

To a new handbag

I got some great handles in the mail the other day to create this adorable purse. I think this fabric is so girly and fun.

I wanted to practice my zipper skills (which are pretty crappy). By making a wristlet. I find it to look more like a cosmetic bag but either way it was scraps left over from the first bag I ever made! I can at least show this one to the public.

I tried to square out the bottom and it is lined. I should have used interfacing to make it stiffer but it is cute none the less.

It is now 3:00 and I the day is not over. Going to go pick up my son and hopefully the family will continue to find something new and fun to do. Maybe check out the new playground in the junction.

Friday, June 26, 2009

give it time

So I have not sold a purse at the salon yet. My husband says give it time. My best friend says that its a salon and the same customers keep repeatedly going in there. She has a good point. I am actually relieved because I was feeling overwhelmed for a little while that I had to make all these purses and it was kind of taking the fun out of sewing for me. So I have decided to keep making purses at a slower pace and to experiment with fun new projects. I made a wristlet the other day. It was not worth taking a picture of because I used scrap pieces of cloth and did I forget to mention that I don't own a zipper foot. I am hoping the birthday gods will bring me a sewing machine!

Monday, June 22, 2009

cuttin room

Well today was the day I completed 9 purses to hang in the local salon. I am very excited and interested to see if they sell. It could be interesting to see people around town with purses made by me, they wouldn't even know that I made them.

I made the girls some cup cakes for being so generous. My husband designed a logo for me.

I have decided to take the night off from sewing. I wanted to catch up on blogging and to research new projects. I hope the next blog will be updated with good news!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So excited

I have spoke with the lovely ladies of The Cuttin Room, and they have graciously decided that I can sell my purses in their salon. I am beyond excited and am now getting stressed out because I have no time to make all of the purses that I want to. I am awaiting a shipment of interfacing from Joann fabrics, and it is stressing me out because I have a stretch of days off next week and when I tracked the shipment today it may not be here till the 23.
As an added bonus, while I was at the salon a woman who works at the furniture store in town said that I can have the remnant and sample fabrics that they have for free. The girls at the salon are excited as well since they are getting some free purses. Now I just need some time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainy day pondering

So I have been pondering this purse making. I am questioning why I am making them. First I wanted to make one for myself. Then it turned into making them for some friends and giving them away. As I have realized the expense of that, I am pondering why I am making all of these purses. My friend steph who I made a purse for called me to tell me that she had used it in the local grocery store and had many complements. A few people were asking where she got it, and if there was a website. I don't feel that I am into the whole website aspect of it. But as I was getting my sons hair cut today, the hairdresser M offered up the idea of selling them in their salon. Many women pass through there daily. So until I figure what I want out of this, I am going to continue to try new purses, and even keep a few for myself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a pile of stuff = treasure

So while I was rearranging my basement, I had a thought. Most thrift stores aren't crazy about clothes giveaways, and some of our old clothes were in tough shape. I had not even looked at this pile of stuff that I was going to through into a garage sale in over a year. So during my son's nap time I came into the basement and to my surprise salvaged some pretty good things. I have started a button jar. My mother always had one and I can remember as a kid playing with them while she sewed. I took some buttons, zippers, straps, drawstrings, and fabric from our old clothing. Why not use the old sheets as linings or whatnot. This to me is amazing because it is not often that I get to the fabric store. I am excited about my thriftiness, and will continue to do my search for treasures. Needless to say our pile of give away stuff has been reduced, and my goal this weekend is to get rid of it all.