Monday, July 6, 2009

no camera

I spent the weekend with my husband at his camp. I did not bring my camera due to the massive amount of rain predicted. I wish I would have on Sunday the sun was out and to the pond we went. I have decided to just list some of the things I would have gotten a picture of:

5 lbs large mouth that I caught, doe and fawn, bald eagle with fish in his talons, lilly
pads blowing off the water from the wind, my husband in his one man catamaran.

It was a gorgeous day and a wonderful weekend. I have gotten addicted to fishing and now understand why my husband wants to go all the time. Being out there in a canoe on Woodbury pond was so relaxing and exciting. The fish are amazing! I spent the whole weekend trying to catch one. The totals were my husband 2, my brother-in-law 3, and me 2. Next step will be for me to actually take the fish off the hooks. I am not that brave yet. Had I brought some work gloves I would have.

I am so excited to have had the weekend away. Back to real life now.

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