Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have a friend that was asking if I had seen any good fabric with grey and purple hues. So on my last trip to the fabric store I searched high and low for this color combination. Without success I gave up and figured maybe I would do a search online. Then one day while my son was strewing my cloth around the basement, I spotted a remnant rolled up wad of grey fabric. As I felt the fabric and ironed it out, I had a thought. I think I have some purple ribbon hanging around that I picked up from a bargain bin. With some luck I found another fabric remnant that I had picked up from the bargain bin. I created this for my friend Danielle.

My last bag I made I had some ooh and ahhhhs about the flower. I decided that I should come up with a different kind of flower. With my husbands suggestion the flower on this bag is removable.

It was more enjoyable to make this purse because I feel like I created this purse for. I didn't just use someones fabric design, I used my own creativity to make a grey and purple purse.

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