Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday gift!

Yesterday my mother dragged me shopping. I was feeling rather sorry for myself on my birthday. I actually had thoughts of locking myself in my house and not going anywhere. Thank god she forced me to go shopping in Watertown none the less. With my father watching the boy my mother and I trekked off with the first stop Joann's of course. I purchased cloth to make a patchwork bag. I am not thrilled about making this bag but did enjoy matching and picking out the cloth for it. To my surprise my mother said. Why don't you pick out a sewing machine I will help you pay for it. Okay I was thinking, now what do I want in a sewing machine. Well after looking in Walmart and comparing with Joanns I got this.

My mother is the best and even though we have completely different tastes in cloth, she helped me figure out which cloth to buy for the purse

I have only used my machine for a few brief moments due to nap time being over, but I look forward to the next few days. It purrs like a kitten. I had a lovely birthday with a finish of my mothers peanut butter pie, a birthday tradition.


  1. WOW!!! Awesome Bre!!!! Looks cool! I can not see your fabric choices cause they can't be enlarged, but I am sure they are lovely! Enjoy your days off!

  2. Oh my GOD that is a cadillac!
    Good for you, I get mine tommorow and can NOT wait!

    Love Jules