Thursday, July 23, 2009

B's Bags update

Had the chance to sew all day today. Had to pay for daycare so might as well send the kid right? Well up bright and early with coffee in hand to my basement I went. I wanted to get some purses for the salon finished. I am taking some of the previously made ones out to sell in another local store. The lady that runs my son's daycare is also a craft enthusiast but she knits her bags. She agreed to try to sell my bags with hers at the local store plus take some to the craft fairs that she attends.

I have been experimenting with the stitching on my machine.

This is attached to this.

I didn't want to give this one away. I ordered those handles online. Next I worked on this little gem I saw the pink handles and thought they were so cute.

This next one I made has fabric from Village Comforts in Lake placid I added a flower embellishment after I took the picture.

It was a lovely day, I wish I didn't have to leave my basement/ sewing nook, but I guess I have to face reality at some point.

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  1. Bre--you are truly these purses!!