Sunday, June 28, 2009

wonderful sunday!

Had a wonderful Sunday! First of all I got called off from work, then to find out my husband and son would not be home all day! I brewed the coffee and by 8:30 the house was mine. I have worked on some newer sewing projects. Some embellishing

To a new handbag

I got some great handles in the mail the other day to create this adorable purse. I think this fabric is so girly and fun.

I wanted to practice my zipper skills (which are pretty crappy). By making a wristlet. I find it to look more like a cosmetic bag but either way it was scraps left over from the first bag I ever made! I can at least show this one to the public.

I tried to square out the bottom and it is lined. I should have used interfacing to make it stiffer but it is cute none the less.

It is now 3:00 and I the day is not over. Going to go pick up my son and hopefully the family will continue to find something new and fun to do. Maybe check out the new playground in the junction.


  1. Bre...they are all beautiful, but did you not got to the shower?

  2. I love the flower embellishment!

    Those handles are the prettiest so far!