Friday, June 26, 2009

give it time

So I have not sold a purse at the salon yet. My husband says give it time. My best friend says that its a salon and the same customers keep repeatedly going in there. She has a good point. I am actually relieved because I was feeling overwhelmed for a little while that I had to make all these purses and it was kind of taking the fun out of sewing for me. So I have decided to keep making purses at a slower pace and to experiment with fun new projects. I made a wristlet the other day. It was not worth taking a picture of because I used scrap pieces of cloth and did I forget to mention that I don't own a zipper foot. I am hoping the birthday gods will bring me a sewing machine!


  1. Oh Bre...listen to them and GIVE IT TIME!!!! They are awesome and they will sell!!!! Good luck with the sewing machine gods, I will talk to them for you.

  2. Bre....I was on Etsy since Dec 30th and didn't sell a THING until last month!
    It does take time, and they are just lovely. People will recognize the quality of your work soon enough.

    You ROCK!