Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a pile of stuff = treasure

So while I was rearranging my basement, I had a thought. Most thrift stores aren't crazy about clothes giveaways, and some of our old clothes were in tough shape. I had not even looked at this pile of stuff that I was going to through into a garage sale in over a year. So during my son's nap time I came into the basement and to my surprise salvaged some pretty good things. I have started a button jar. My mother always had one and I can remember as a kid playing with them while she sewed. I took some buttons, zippers, straps, drawstrings, and fabric from our old clothing. Why not use the old sheets as linings or whatnot. This to me is amazing because it is not often that I get to the fabric store. I am excited about my thriftiness, and will continue to do my search for treasures. Needless to say our pile of give away stuff has been reduced, and my goal this weekend is to get rid of it all.

1 comment:

  1. Bre,
    I do the same thing with the sheets! So funny! Good idea about the button jar. GLad you got the day off, and hope you are feeling better.