Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wanakena walk

I am glad that my parents (who winter in the warmth), are finally home. They live in Wanankena, which is the most unique town. My son mother and I went for a wonderful walk on Friday morning, I was playing with some of the settings of my camera.

This is a view from the car bridge that leads to the south shore of Wanakena. As a kid we used to wade and hop from rock to rock to get to the island.

The foot bridge which is a historical monument. This is the view from the beach.

It is so relaxing when I go to my hometown. I just love Wanakena. I know other people would as well. My son never wants to leave because he can go for walks and never has to hold my hand because there is no traffic.


  1. Bre, looks so beautiful and serene. Great pictures!

  2. Oh my god, I had no idea it was so pretty there. Sounds like it is just up my alley.

    Maybe we can all go on a road trip there this summer?