Friday, March 20, 2009

boiling point

Today I reached my boiling point. Sometimes my emotions are like hot water on the stove, slowly bubbles build on the bottom and roll to the top. I have always been this way, sometimes I have cried at the most inopportune times. So I was feeding my son lunch today reading a magazine about finding friends, really close ones. I started to cry, my son was confused. But just the act of letting tears out already was starting to make me feel better. In the middle of my crying jag, my son dumping applesauce all over the 2nd outfit of the day, my brother in law walks in.
"What's wrong?"
sniff sniff
"Oh nothing, something in my eye", I reply. Then a caravan of people showed up at my house. I had to tuck my boiling emotions back down. When they all left, back to me, my applesauce covered toddler and tissues. I decided that these sometimes monthly crying jags are needed but that after I cry, it is time to move on. So to the store I went to get a baby shower gift, then for a 4 mile walk with friends to vent. I am feeling much better, but I find it odd that there is actually a point were I can feel the crying build in my throat and I say to myself, just cry you will feel better, move on and start a new pot of water on the stove.


  1. Bre...good description! I totally get it, kind of like when you are sick to your stomach and know that if you just throw up and get it done with you will start to feel better! It has to get really ugly : crying, screaming, throwing up, etc before it can get better! Glad you feel better! Laura

  2. I am a boiler too. I just all of a sudden snap over the LITTLEST thing out of the blue!
    Nothing feels better than letting it out. IMAGINE what RAGS we would be if we didn't have that release!