Wednesday, March 18, 2009

recipe search

I am constantly looking for new recipes to cook. I subscribe to Taste of Home, I watch food network but then I realized, I have a whole cupboard full of cookbooks that I can't even enjoy. Why do you wonder why I can't enjoy them, because I realized today that the cupboard is a mess. So with the help of my son, (who just sat there and looked through my cookbooks), I reorganized my cookbook cupboard. I know have a box with clippings and hand written recipes that I want to try. I have a book that I call the Family Recipe Book. Ever since I have been living on my own I have tried new recipes. If I try a recipe and my family likes I write it in the book. Someday maybe someone will enjoy my collection.


  1. Bre...looks awesome! Great job to you and Jack!!! I would love to see all of the recipes that were a hit! I would definitely enjoy your collection! Laura

  2. You should post some of those recipes. I always seem to rely on the same cycle of food to make and could really use some new inspiration!