Thursday, October 29, 2009

baking and sewing

So this is the second pie I have ever made. It is apple pie for my father in law, his favorite. He just got diagnosed with myelofibrosis a rare blood disorder. Things look okay for now, but I decided that he may need a little TLC. I often feel he has been a good man his whole life and has been shit on time and time again. If only apple pie was the cure for blood disorders.

I was at the salon dropping a bag off for display when one of the girls asked me if I knew how to cover pillows. I immediately was thinking in my head can't be that hard. Sure I do and I will. They gave me the cloth and some pillows and to the basement I went. The salon needs them for their new pedicure bench. I got to work and added a little flair. I have a few more to go but I was pleased with the ones I did.

It seems most of my blogs are sewing and baking. Tis the season I guess.


  1. Oh Bre, I am so sorry for your father in law, I have never heard of that, I will have to look it up. The bags are great, and the flair is awesome~ nice addition!

  2. Those pillows are SOOOOO cute. Very professional and I LOVE the colors.