Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is that smell!?????

Well I have always known that I wanted to replace the carpet in our bedroom. The 1990 dusty rose thick carpet is not exactly the style I had in mind. I figured we would deal with that in a few years, like as if I continue my life I will someday have extra money that I am going to spend on non-essential house fixings. I was not ready however to be tearing up one corner of my room ripping out the baseboard radiators and getting on my hands and knees to smell the carpet. Let me explain.

I have always considered myself to have a hound like sense of smell. This may come in handy,someday but really I just can smell crap from a mile away. For as long as we have lived in our house (which is 4years this month), we have always found our bedroom to have a funky smell. We had the carpets cleaned before we moved in and have faithfully clean them. We got a rug cleaner for a gift at our wedding, and own 2 Dyson's, that is how much we like clean rugs.

Until recently has this funk become unbearable. I kid you not I can't sleep at night because I am wondering what died in our bedroom. After days of speculating the stench and pretty much vacating the room, it was determined that a large area of our carpet was putrid. Armed with steam cleaners and spotbots we cleaned that rug after each clean it smells better, then it drys back to the same funk.

We decided to rip up that corner. Could something have crawled under there and died. No visible spot to be found. Perplexed I have litterly tried everything that I can to clean this. At ll pm last night I decided that I was going to rip up the padding and throw it away, we are going to need a new capet there is no getting the smell out.

Well I will be researching capets online whilst my son naps so I had better get to work.

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  1. Good luck you hound you!!!! I am going to steam my carpets the first full week of school after I finish Sam's sanding and painting of his walls. OK>>>the second full week of school! LOL