Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thanks MOM

I love my mother. She brought up her old sewing machine today for me to keep. I needed to have a different machine, because the one I have is broken. So on Monday my mother went with me and my not so fun to shop with toddler to Malone. The necessities were purchased at Joann's. She then came back up to my house today to bring me her old machine, plus she helped me with yard work. My mother and I don't always do projects well together, but she let me do it myself. She stood by, and watched me figure it out on my own. The bag I am making is sort of difficult for a beginner (so my mother says). It is almost like quilting with all the patchwork. I got 2 hours in during Jacks nap then I got another 90 minutes will he went to a baseball game with my husband. I wish I had more time. I am also thankful that my mother loves me and my son sooo much. She is the greatest woman.

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  1. Bre, that is fabulous! I can't wait to see your bag!!!!! Yay for you!