Sunday, April 5, 2009

everything but the kitchen sink

So I was on my third or fourth load of dishes today, and all of a sudden my feet are getting wet. Well of course I have a leak in my faucet. The faucet itself is corroded. When we bought this not so old house almost 4 years ago, it was only 9 years old. We have hard water despite the softener and filter that we use. We have in 4 years replaced our; washer, dishwasher, sink drains, and hot water heater. It is frustrating to me because my husband is not a handy-man. We are learning but thank god my father who is a self taught plumber, electrician, and carpenter lives only 45 minutes away. I love my parents, if it were not for them I would be in big trouble. We have known for a while that we would have to replace the faucet but all in all it could not have been better timing. My parents are making a trip to Lowes tomorrow for their own renovations, and I gave them the name of the new faucet that I want. So yeah for my new faucet being put in on Tuesday. Until then I hope the bucket will catch the floods.

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  1. Bre...that F-ing sucks! I am sooooo sorry. I know what you mean about having parents near by...mine live up the road. Hope the faucet works out for you and until then you are flood free! See you tomorrow! Laura