Thursday, April 9, 2009


So while my father was here installing my new faucet, he also installed my new master bathroom lights. They have been sitting in the box since after Christmas. I am so excited that slowly the house is becoming what we want it to be. There used to be glass plated gold chandeliers. The previous owners of our house were a lovely french Canadian retired couple whose taste were lets say eighties. The next project I want to tackle is the laundry room. I am trying to find a shade of green that I like. We also want to replace the carpet in our bedroom. Mauve is really not fitting my new color scheme. Before replacing the carpet we want to get a new dresser set. It is fun to have goals for our house and I don't feel rushed to do things around here because lets face it we have a lifetime to do it. I just hope my father is around to help out and teach my husband and I some things.


  1. Bre...I LOVE THEM!!!! I am soooo jealous! The lights look fantastic and I am so glad that your faucet is fixed. Good for you. Goals are so important, looks like you have accomplished a lot! Laura

  2. they may have came with the house...our house came with the brassy fixtures too...they are all your new lights!!