Friday, January 7, 2011

trying not to freak out

The thought of soon being a mother to a newborn, is starting to make me freak out. Remembering the sleepless nights, the constant attachment of a child to my breast, and total exhaustion. In an attempt to not feel overwhelmed I have been reminiscing of the past. I bought newborn diapers and placed them in the pseudo nursery, I had forgotten how tiny and adorable they are. Next I watched video clips from my son's first year. It is an amazing process to watch this tiny thing grow and learn so much in just a year. I am trying to view things in the whole big picture not the daily struggles of trying to survive the day without breaking down. In the end they grow up so fast. Watching my boy go from sitting up on his own, to eating his first solid foods, to crawling then walking, running, and talking, it has got me excited to watch this amazing process happen again.

I apologize for the photo montage, but like I said reminiscing is helping!

His first rice cereal

Crawling and trying to pull down the curtain

Not enjoying his first birthday cake

Seven more weeks and baby girl will be here. I am getting excited and trying not to freak out!

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  1. Reminiscing is helpful. Hang in there Mama~you will do great! Hugs~Laura