Monday, February 8, 2010

Back into sewing

I have been on such a crochet kick because of Laura and Julia, that I have not sewn in months. I decided that because the twins are always inspiring me with their crafting endeavours that I wanted to thank them.
They have inspired me to be crafty, and use skills that I had forgetten that I had. I dusted off the sewing machine and created these cute quick and easy crochet needle cases.

I consider myself a very lucky girl to have become friends with these unique women.

If you knew them you would probably guess which one belongs to which.

Laura's is on the left

Julia's is on the right

Laura has a paisley print, which I know she is very fond of.

Julia's button has a rooster on it, which reminded me of a past blog she had posted, about two adorable rooster tea cups.

May they be a constant reminder for my thankfulness of our friendship!


  1. OMG Bre...I was going to ask you if I could buy one from you...particularly the L one. I am beyond thankful. I have no needle case, and I am beeming right now because of your generosity! I love you, and believe me I am also thankful for your friendship! Love Laura

  2. Oh bre, I just love it. I have just as much love for you. So lucky to have you as a friend.

    I can't wait to work with you tomorrow. Ive mied you while you were away.

    Love julia